On the 21st May 2016, the St John Bosco College in Battersea hosted the first public meeting organized by the John Henry Newman Cultural Centre. David Burrowes, MP for Enfield and Socropped-beauty-of-family.jpguthgate, and Giancarlo Cesana, Professor of Hygiene and Public Health in Milano shared their thoughts and experience on ‘The beauty of the family, a dialogue on why the family is worthwhile’. Starting from a realistic view on the roots and consequences of the modern family crisis, both speakers pointed out how the experience of love in a family is an indispensable factor for the introduction of children to the positivity of reality and to their role in it. The whole society benefits from the family love as a milieu in which values are taught to new generations and self-aware individuals grow up, keen to contribute to the common good in a creative way. But love doesn’t exist without faithfulness and sacrifice. How can this be possible for us, frail human beings? “An education is needed, not only for children, but for adults too. An education is a continuous recall t o the fact that the meaning of everything is not you or your wife, but a third One, the mysterious Presence who has made you, your wife and everything (…). The mysterious presence of God reaches me today through the Christian community, which recalls and educates me. (…) We must tackle the modern legislative trends against family across the Western world, but more importantly we need to re-learn our Faith and experience in order to properly communicate them to our fellow men: this will be a tough job during the many years to come” (G. Cesana).

Special thanks to Saint John Bosco College for the fantastic facility provided.