The ship of the Church will not sink despite being constantly threatened. In the past, the Church
was not lacking in external persecutions and internal wounds and today it seems that the unity of
the Church is not under discussion. This time the threat comes from a wave of atheism which uses
a critical media.

Who is going to save the Church? During the advance of the barbarian invasions, monasteries
protected and spread the seeds of faith, of culture and of civil life. Today it is families who are
called to be the seeding ground of love, of faith and of the cultural upheaval that will enable a
revival of a Christian civilisation from ashes that cover the minds and hearts of lukewarm believers
who are subject to influence from the dominant culture.

The task of the family is not easy. It has to survive economic and cultural difficulties like a tent in
the desert exposed to wind and bad weather. It is helpful to consider St Paul’s devotion to his
friends Aquila and Priscilla, husband and wife, who exercised a personal and bold apostolate by
hosting the community of the primitive Church in their home.

Today the Church has a hierarchical organisation and effective movements which count above all
on the family whose environment must be especially equipped: with a joyful and peaceful
atmosphere and a real faith which should foster a personal relationship with God with the
awareness of being on a mission for Him. The monasteries of today are the homes of Christians.

Originally published on: Tempi
Date: 18 September 2016
Author: Pippo Corigliano
Link: here