A great story of love, hate and betrayal, where the intense relationship with God cannot leave anybody indifferent, not even Bendrix, master of his own life.

 The end of the Affair, PG 18

Written and Directed by: Neil Jordan
Year: 1999
Cast: Ralph Fiennes as Maurice Bendrix, Stephen Rea as Henry Miles, Julianne Moore as Sarah Miles, Heather Jay Jones as Henry’s Maid, James Bolam as Mr. Savage

Based on The End of the Affair, a 1951 novel by British author Graham Greene. The story between Maurice Hendrix and Sarah flourish during II World War, only to suddenly unexpectedly end apparently with no reason. Bendrix has a chance meeting one rainy night in London with Henry Miles, husband of his former mistress Sarah. Henry suspects Sarah is currently having an affair and is considering employing a private eye to investigate. Bendrix, jealous himself, hires the investigator, at the same time as making arrangements to meet Sarah, obsessed by his love and jealousy for her.