Roger Scruton for BBC Radio4 “A point of view” series


After a campaign dominated by a lack of enthusiasm (when not “a shared sense of shame”) for the Presidential candidates, but with a definite expected outcome, the unforeseen happened. In its point of view for BBC Radio4, Sir Rogert Scruton analyses the hidden force behind the overturn of the electoral polls: the working class, which had been “put out of mind, and even overtly disparaged by the media and the political class”. After being silent (when not silenced) during the campaign, the middle class gave voice to its anxiety and desire for change trough the vote. Now that Mr Trump has got the power, a delicate phase opens for the US, Europe and the Entire world. A crucial role will have the advisors that new President-elect of the United States will chose, as well as the system of checks and balances imbedded in the American Constitution.

Enjoy the listening!