Fascinated by the contagious enthusiasm of our friend and Blue Badge Guide Maurizio Patti, we very much enjoyed a sunny Saturday walk through the streets of Shoreditch and the history of street art.20170527_190043

Starting as clandestine signatures on walls, being at the same time a mean of self affirmation (like saying: “I exist and was here”) and an attempt to bring beauty and colour in the gloomy peripheries of big cities, street art is still this and much more.


Surreal monsters or moving realism, black and white or psychedelic colours, each artist has developed his own way to catch the attention of the passer-by and let them stop and think.


The messages that they want to convey range from fierce rebellion against inequalities to celebrating life and love, from mocking the authority to warning against the slavery that the current social conventions imply.

In Shoreditch walls have got hypnotic eyes and ears that want to catch your secrets, they have got a brain that thinks a lot and even got a heart, that vibrating through silent walls explodes in loud screams of meaning, hitting you like blows in the stomach.

“You made me. But did I ask you for it?”

“Is this really the way we want to live?”


Through their work, free for everybody to see or to ignore, to admire or deface, free for people to remember or for time and the rain to cancel, street artists have our same need for irony, justice, beauty, love, and meaning.

As every true artist in every time, they bear the gift to be able to read, elaborate and relay to us the humanity of our time, making it closer to us and challenging us to face its same questions, anxieties and perplexities.20170527_192300